The Lazy Man's Way To Perfect Dates
Do LESS on dates and get MORE than ever before
David, you may be full of it... but what have I got to lose? 
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I’ve got some life changing news for you:
Before I taught over 11,000 successful students as a life and dating coach…
and before I was featured in international and national TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines
and the national newspaper broke my story on their front page for hooking up
with 30 women in 2 months…
And when I lecture and teach around the world, one thing I’ve noticed is that…

Many men put WAY TOO MUCH effort into dates.

They’re used to taking women on date after date after date…
and then they wait until the 5th date to even try to kiss her.

This is usually because they heard women have their own “dating rules” telling them to wait until the fifth date to kiss a guy.

But even then, on many fifth dates… some men still don’t get a kiss anyway…

So, these guys stick it out for 5 more dates… and still nothing happens.

And no matter how much more effort they put into those dates…

taking her to expensive dinners they can hardly afford…

even losing sleep to drag the dates out longer, so she’d have time to “get comfortable”…

They just weren’t able to escalate to something sexual.

This is because most men fall prey to…


More on that in a minute.

But first, the solution. What should guys do? Keep working so hard on dates?

No, they should do LESS.

A LOT less.

You see, I’ve figured out that in life…

You can often get a LOT MORE…  

By doing a LOT LESS. 

For instance, instead of taking the effort to slowly tease you about a huge discount… 

I’m going to tell you right now… that in a few minutes… 

I’m going to ask you to send me 7 dollars for a step by step video course…  

that I can scale a million times for no more than the cost of running electricity. 

On top of that, I’m going to give you the biggest bargain of your life:
In this step-by-step video course, I’m going to teach you the same system that took me over a decade to research, test, and perfect…
How to get sexual on the first date so smoothly that she’ll think she’s living out her fantasy with you…

And if you’re already married, this system will show you how you can “date” your wife and get her hot for you just like you’re still on your honeymoon

…all by doing Less.

And I’m so sure that this video Course will completely change your life with women… 

that I’ll make you this ridiculous guarantee. 

Take 30 days to go through this amazing step-by-step video Course…

which will give you plenty of time to get it, look it over, and try it out…

And if you don’t agree that my training is worth at least a hundred times what you invested, 

then simply email me before the 30 days is up…

And we’ll refund you the 7 bucks right away, no questions asked.

How’s that for a bargain?

OK, so how does this system work?

Well, you have to understand the dangerous DO MORE TRAP I mentioned earlier. 

Here's the deal:
A lot of guys trying to get women to like them think that… when they’re around beautiful women, 
they need to do MORE.

More stuff to say. More techniques. More lines. 

But this is a trap.

The truth is that you actually need to do less.

Think of it this way — who can have the most social impact (or in geeky terms, “offer the most value”) with the least amount of work? 

For instance, if Jay-Z were to walk into a club, he wouldn’t have to do much. You’ve already danced to “Empire State of Mind” and rapped along with “99 Problems.” So he’s already created a ton 
of social value. This is one reason why rock and pop stars can be very “socially effective.” 

That’s a more extreme example, but it demonstrates the point: 

The winner is usually the guy who can do less with more. 

The more you achieve, while appearing to put in less effort… the more attractive, powerful, and "cool" others feel you are. 

The more time and effort you can get from others, while expending as little time and effort as possible… the more desirable you will be to women and the stronger you will seem to other men. 

This Principle of Investment is why a king sits on the throne while everyone else comes to him and stands or kneels. 

It's why women chase after rock stars and the band members have someone else pick out the prettiest ones and bring them to their rooms.

It’s why the male lion takes a nap all day and the females go out to hunt and bring him food 
and come to him to mate. 

It’s why Leonardo DiCaprio came off more badass than Orlando Bloom… when DiCaprio just waved away little Justin Bieber, while Bloom went out of his way to fight Bieber.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it; it’s one of those rare gossip stories that’s worth a read.) 

"The weak man flails his arms about wildly and rushes from place to place and accomplishes little. " 

"The strong man waves a hand and his will is done."
Women like emotionally strong men

Actually, women LOVE emotionally strong men. But without a solid understanding of these social dynamics, most men just end up undermining their attractiveness by trying to do MORE.

Once I understood the principles behind the DO MORE TRAP, it changed everything.


Because I’m lazy  

You see, I’m all about Optimization.

So with these principles in mind, 

I came up with a System to reduce the time required to generate enough passion to escalate to sex.

After several years of testing various versions of this System with hundreds of clients around the world, we reduced the average time for these men to spark enough passion to get sexual with their dates…

from over 15 hours going on 5 dates

to just 4 hours of total contact time!

Just 4 contact hours on average from the moment they meet… to getting sexual…

Even in very conservative countries like in Asia.

I’ve since shared this System with thousands of students for over the past decade… who consistently get the same optimized result: 

From meeting… to getting sexual (if they want)… in just around

4 hours of contact time.

This system of mine has been responsible for tens of thousands of happy students and tens of thousands of pleased women - and I know this will work for you, too.

So instead of taking her out on dinner date #5…

sitting across from her... talking… talking… and just talking…

but never getting intimate, physical, or sexual.

Then never being able to kiss her...

let alone sleep with her... 

and maybe, things are so bad… you can’t even hold her hand. 

And at the end of the night... 

the two of you go your separate ways... 

leaving you sad, frustrated, and lonely… 

and leaving her with a story of “yet another boring guy” her friends can LAUGH at.
WHAT IF...  Instead...
You could take her on a PERFECT DATE...

the kind of date virtually every woman who’s ever watched a Hollywood Romance fantasizes about...

the kind of date in which it seems like everyone and everything else in the world doesn’t exist...

where she’ll feel a wonderful connection with you blossoming deep within her...

and a warm, soothing comfort with you that she’s never felt with any man before...  

as you smoothly lead her on a night of excitement that almost feels like magic... 

And at the end of the night...   
you’ll boldly pull her in and kiss her...  

And she’ll WANT to take that passion to a climax because it will all feel so RIGHT. 

Just imagine all the wild and passionate things she’d do for you... 

when you fulfill her deep, Hollywood Desires that she NEVER IN HER LIFE thought she’d actually experience.
I’ll show you how to do just that in… 
It doesn’t require being rich…
I first used this system when I was a broke graduate student with a stipend just above the poverty line.

It doesn’t require luck…
The numbers don’t lie - it’s worked for thousands of students all over the world.

I’m not promising you that your dates will go as well as mine or my students’…

You may do even BETTER. 

One of my students studied the system intensely and followed it to a “T”…

and slept with five women in a single week, ALL on first dates…

That was more women than he’d had in his entire life up to that point.
It doesn’t require you to be witty, funny or good looking, either...
Just enough brains to know how to “read a situation” with a woman…

and I’ll tell you how to do that.
It doesn’t require “youth.”
One of my clients who used this system to incredible success… was over 60 years old!

He was a retiree who made the system work for him…

often with women less than half his age!
Another of my clients is married and used this system to re-ignite the sparks of passion in his marriage

And excitedly reported how his wife asked to please him orally in the kitchen… in the car while he was driving on the way to their “date”… and on his desk at his office after hours.

It doesn’t require “experience.”
So what DOES it require?
Enough to take a chance on a system tested on over 11,763+ people for over a decade.

Enough to trust a system proven to work in over 87 countries around the world.

Enough to absorb what I’ll teach you…  

and put the principles into ACTION.  

If you do just that - nothing less, nothing more…  

your results WILL be hard to believe.  

Remember - I guarantee it. 
You have the ability to fulfill women’s desires in ways most men can 
only dream about.
Bill Gates said,
“Choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”
You might not believe that this step by step System can take something so hard… 

and really make it so easy for you…

But it can because I’m really that lazy ;)

And I’ll prove it to you.
Just click the button below now. 

I’m not asking you to “believe” me… Just try it for yourself. 

If I’m wrong, all you’ve lost is the time you’ve spent watching my training 
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What if I’m right? 

Do yourself a favor. Get it done. Get it handled. 

100% Money Back Guarantee
My 30-Day Refund Guarantee
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     How to leverage psychological principles to “Control Time” and condense the “progress” of five dates into one… This is the secret to creating that level of comfort in her that dissolves all the conservative inhibitions she feels.

Hey man… come on… you’re STILL HERE?!
Look, you’ve got a REALLY simple choice to make:
Option 1:

Do nothing. Keep going the way you are right now, and take women on dates that end up going NOWHERE.

Keep being frustrated… and risk developing a reputation for being UNDATABLE within your social circles

because you didn’t take action.
Option 2:

Take the possibilities you’ve learned here today, and try to “wing it” with your dates… 
But the reality is… you’ll probably end up taking longer than the several years it took me to figure this out.

It took me THAT LONG while learning from the best seducers in the world at the time.
Option 3:
Risk NOTHING AT ALL today… grab the Perfect Date System video course for just 7 bucks…
and never experience the bitter loneliness of heading home alone… after another terrible date… again.

It’s 7 dollars that you can absolutely get back if you decide the training isn’t of any use to you.
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Derek B.
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David R.
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